I have a weird relationship with money.

I didn’t grow up with it. My parents immigrated from rural China to the US in the 90s. Like many immigrants, they had no money and came to the US for the sole purpose of making money. They worked in factories (Chinese sweatshops) 12 hours a day, 7 days a week until they saved up enough to buy their own. When I was a kid, I was always in the factory. We were so poor that we secretly lived and shared a tiny room hidden in a back corner. This violated commercial, safety…

Lisbon, Portgual

Over 6 months ago, I quit my dream tech job and went traveling solo through Europe. My family members thought I was crazy. They asked me if I was being mistreated at work — I wasn’t. They were concerned that I was going through a tough time — I wasn’t. They asked, how could I possibly quit the kind of job that most people can only dream of having?

And it’s true. You see, Uber was a dream job in every way. I grew up in a poor immigrant family in NYC. Growing up, nobody ever told me to pursue…

After graduating with a Computer Science degree from NYU in 2016, I moved across the country to San Francisco in hopeful trepidation where I started my career as a Software Engineer. As a new grad, I had no idea what to expect from the tech industry, and after 1 year at Uber, these are some advice I’d give myself a year ago, if I could. Hope you find this useful.

  1. Negotiate the shit out of your offer. This may seem so obvious, but I didn’t negotiate as much as I now know I should have. I had a few competing…

Connie Shi

Software Engineer living in San Francisco. Searching for love, meaning, and connection in this vastly crowded world.

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