8 Developer Insights : Experience and Insight from Industrial Programmer

Pair Programming

I’ve done so many mistake in Programming, start from small one and escalate to critical one. Most of my problem are because of simple common mistakes such as no documentation in past development or direct user command to developer. I always share my this experience as a lesson to all my network and alumni and found several things that will reduce developer pain.

So here 8 Developer Insights from me below

Pair Programming

First try using Pair Programming Method. This Method are use a couple of programmer for doing job and task in the same time so we can increase development productivity, two point of views are better than one. This method also good for developing new talent and reduced risk in production.

Trello Agile Kanban

Second always using tracking tools it can be like Kanban styles with board and post it. Tools like JIRA and Trello will help too.

github code review

Third always code review your code before deployment. By using git / versioning tools like svn so we can track root cause of problem if something happend in production.

Testing flow

Fourth Try using unit test / automate testing to reduce error in production.

heroku container

Fifth the environment between Production and Development often have different result. By using Docker / container like in heroku adds on for tracking tools we can manage risk in production.

Miss Communication Fraud

Sixth Reporting progress with excel and email will cause human error and fraud. Good IT team will have automate its task using automate tools.

Murphy Law

Seventh anything that can go wrong, will go wrong like in the Murphy Law so be ready for the worst.

Murphy’s law or the fourth law of thermodynamics” (actually there were only three last I heard) which states: “If anything can go wrong, it will.

Eight Just dont blame the developer, it won’t solve the problem

Viva developer and engineer all around the world