How I lost half of my savings at and felt totally naked !!

Long story short, investing my money at was the worst decision I had ever made. Now, how did I come to make this worst decision and how you can learn from me not to repeat those same mistakes. A simple rule thumb, never invest in a company when your deadbeat friends or some Joe in a bar openly brags as how they made xyz dollars trading on investing in cryptocurreny. Or how they were able to afford an appointment with plastic surgeon to give themselves a boob job and face lift thanks to all the money they made on Stay away from any hype !!!!!

Second rule of thumb, never invest in a company when there are no direct customer services. has zero customer service, plus on top that, they will block and disable your account without slightest hesitation if they ( hipster fascists administrator) feel you might do something which might effect their greedy ass bottomline. This company has no structure, no face, and no shame when dealing with your money. When signing up with coinbase, you are asked to provide them with your bank username and password. A huge red flag, and my stupid ass thought it was a good idea. Now where do I go here, only Beelzebub knows ! But I won’t stop, nor will the stop fighting until I get all my money back.