Pornography: The New Drug

Pornography addiction grows in the dark. Most addicts think they can keep their addiction hidden from everyone. While they enjoy the pleasures it provides, then stop when they are ready only to find that the addiction has taken a stronger hold on them than they realized. Now quitting on their own feels impossible.

The only way to beat this destructive addiction is to bring it out into the light and admit you are struggling with it. Tell someone, a friend, parent, spouse, or therapist. As hard as it may be to admit you are addicted to pornography it is my experience as a therapist that the longer a person participates in this destructive, addictive behavior the stronger the addiction grows and the addict finds themselves needing harder and harder forms of pornography to satisfy their craving. Which ultimately leads to great negative consequences.

Even once a person admits they are addicted and asks for help they find themselves at the beginning of the long hard road to recovery. To make the road to recovery and successful as possible it take incorporating several different tools. One of the most important tools needed in the early stages of recovery is a well developed internet filter that among other features has the ability to alert one or more members of the addicts support system of the addicts attempt to access their addictive material. Thereby allowing the support system the opportunity to reach out and help the addict get back on the road to recover as quickly as possible.

One of the most advance internet filters on the market today that can help the addict stay on the road to a healthy recovery is Net Angel. It has multiple features and support tools that make a healthy recovery a reality.

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