Attacking a 2–3 Zone — The Little Things

There are a few different ways to strategically attack a 2–3 zone.

You can run a patterned offense, you can go 4-out with principles, you can run set plays, you can adapt your base man-to-man offense to your zone offense, you can do all of the above, etc.

What we’re going to look at today, however, are a few “little things” that you can teach your players about attacking a zone.

Some of these will seem obvious; some of them might be things you’ve never heard of.

Here are a few things to consider adding to your zone attack:

2/ Ball Fakes (fake a pass to make a pass)

3/ Blind Cuts

4/ Using Ball Screens

5/ Crashing the Glass

6/ Equiangular Triangles

7/ High Low Action

8/ Playing Out of the Short Corner

9/ Put Your Best Playmaker in the Middle of the Zone

10/ Have great shooters all over the floor :)

I love a good zone defense — always have, always will.

BUT…if you can do a few things to counter the defense, you can almost always make them pay.

I think it’s worth noting that by doing 2–3 things in your zone attack that are COUNTER to what most zones see will go a long way in giving your team a distinctive edge.

Happy zone busting!

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