How to revitalize Cyberpunk?

Great article with some great links to less popular works. Props for that. I think you guys are largely on point with your predictions except for sentience which at this point is a long shot at best considering 1) we don’t know what it is and 2) Moore’s law / Dennard Scaling haven’t even managed to keep pace for half a century let alone onto 2100 like the chart predicts.

Kids in the 50s were promised jet packs and a colonized moon. In reality they got segways and global warming which is to say futurists are notoriously optimistic and almost always wrong when it comes to timelines. Don’t get me wrong robots are going to make a big comeback, they’ll do our work and make us smarter/live longer, movies will be exciting again because of them. But I don’t think we’ll be falling in love with or bowing down to them in the next century. Future cyborgs will need to get their shit together a bit more before that can happen.