Project Au Courant

SHIELD tries to combine something as complex as the blockchain with the mainstream. We can’t have less than great looking logos or websites if we want to show it to the mainstream and that’s why we are working on project Au Courant. While it’s one that is less important to some of our users we promise that while working on Au Courant we’ll also have a team working on the coin itself as we have a great lot of hard projects coming and having our dev’s of the coin would withhold us.

What will project Au Courant bring to the people? Au Courant is meant to make everything easier for SHIELD. Want to watch your coins? Easier! Want to send or receive, easier. And selling and buying is also meant to get easier and easier. This will hopefully bring SHIELD to more people so we can get a better community for the following updates which may take us some time, but oh they’ll be worth the wait!

When can you expect project Au Courant to be finished? As Au Courant isn’t that depended on other updates and doesn’t require a whole team of programmers it can be done in between other projects meaning we hope to get it done somewhere in Q1 of 2018 but don’t know when that will be yet. We may finish it in the first few months but it could also take us longer than that as we could scale everything up a bit.

How does project Au Courant fit in with our other projects? Well our two projects that we’ll be releasing in the same Quarter will already be effected by rebranding. We’ll use our new logo (if by then it’s already finished) and try and make it as beautiful as possible so we won’t have to return to them any time soon. We hope when Au Courant hits that we won’t have to spend a lot of resources on advertising anymore and hope that our website will speak volumes about the coin. We’ll also update the about page to fit more information about PoS and quantum proofing and even more of our future projects. We’ll let you know more when we’re working on it!

More Medium posts will be coming out shortly explaining our different Projects.

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