Project Billfold.

SHIELD is a project about giving a community as much as we possibly can. This is why we decided not to do a premine and we try to listen to our audience on our Twitter, ANN or other social media’s. But one thing SHIELD is missing is accessibility. Yes we have a few wallets and if you want to, you can build your own for whatever platform you want. This could be done by anyone but unfortunately isn’t that easy. This is where Project Billfold comes in. There are some major updates coming like PoS and quantum proofing but we still need to give everyone the ability to use their preferred wallet on their preferred OS without having to sweat and work for a few days without a guaranteed result.

Pos, quantum proofing and even Sharding. This all is coming but to ensure a larger audience for SHIELD we need to bring out something that is essential to any coin, we need to create some official wallets for multiple platforms. This will make SHIELD easier to use, and compatible for more users. Of course anyone could run something like Linux but we would know that having a wallet for Windows is a lot nicer if you’re used to the OS. So what are we actually releasing this with this project? We don’t know for sure yet what we’ll be able to get done in the time we gave ourselves for the project but we ensure at least one wallet for every big desktop OS. We’ll also be contacting some businesses that are wallet related to see what we can do as we understand that some people like using paper wallets or a web wallet. We hope to have everyone covered for the next few months so we can grow into a bigger community than we currently are. While this project is going on we’ll also try and get some online stores to partner with us to watch what we can do to make it a valid option for paying with but that is something we’ll always try to do.

In this project, and possible before, we’ll at least create the next few wallets :

  1. QT Windows wallet
  2. Prebuild Linux wallets
  3. Mac OS prebuild wallets

We will try to get the wallets done a soon as possible but to give us some breathing room in case something takes a lot longer than expected we have set the deadline of this projects somewhere in Q1.

We understand that prebuild(and beautiful) wallets will be useful for possible users of SHIELD that can’t create their own wallets. But we have some more work to do next to the wallets as we have had some problems with mining. Next up in the list of priority are the Wallets. The prebuild QT wallet for Windows is on its way but because of a problems while compiling QT5-base it may take longer than intended. We estimate the time until finished for release will be at least a week but could take up to a month or even more. But everything is on its way the only thing you can do right now is wait and we’ll do the rest.

More Medium posts will be coming out shortly explaining our different Projects.

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