Project Enlighten

Although we have a lot of nice ideas and a lot of upgrades to the coin coming in the future we can’t just say: “SHIELD is a good coin” and expect people to use SHIELD. We should not only explain our different project but also make people understand what they would really be buying when buying SHIELD. This is why in Project Enlighten we will explain to everyone what SHIELD is how we work and what the future of the coin is going to be like. We hope that if we do this right we won’t have to answer the same questions a thousand times and that we can get a user base that doesn’t only like the coin in the current state but is also excited about what is coming. Project Enlighten will only stretch the surface of what is to become one of the main currencies of at least 2018. We’re planning on releasing updates that will not only shake up our coin but will hopefully also shake up some of the other cryptocurrency in telling them that they will have to step up their game! But all those projects need to be explained, this will done in Project Enlighten. A more in-depth read would be the whitepaper which is planned to be released somewhere this month (as soon as possible of course but we want to make sure we go over everything important.) Furthermore is Project Enlighten about bringing SHIELD, and cryptocurrency in general to a more mainstream audience. If you want to know more about what we’re planning to do you can’t go wrong with reading all our Medium post but for people who want to know all the math behind something like PoS or the logic or workings behind something like Quantum proofing you should wait for the whitepaper.

In Project Enlighten we will be going over each individual Project and will be explaining it until you hopefully get the basics of that said project. We hope that after Project Enlighten we have not only explained everything there is to explain but that we have also reached to a broader audience for our project as we expect there to be many people that would be interested in many things we are planning to release but maybe wouldn’t understand what the meaning behind certain words is. Hopefully this will help you understand the world of cryptocurrency.

Next up is Project Billfold which is the next big update to the coin.

More Medium posts will be coming out shortly explaining our different Projects.

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