Project globalize

Everyone should be able to use SHIELD. We are working on getting everything user friendly but that could still take some time. In the meantime we will be trying to make 1. Everything clear with Project Enlighten and 2. Make storage for the coin available to everyone. We already talked about this in the explanation about project Billfold but we want everyone to be able to use their preferred OS with their preferred wallet. We only mentioned desktop OS’s for a reason, we are also working on mobile wallets but will do this a little later because making wallets for mobile users is, in our eyes, an entirely different thing.

What will Project Globalize bring to the table? We’ll try and get a wallet out for the big mobile OS’s, iOS and Android. We are also trying to work on different wallets for every platform as just an android wallet could be difficult to use for some users. We, the SHIELD team think it’s important that users at least have a choice in what they want to use and we’ll try and give everyone something as close as an incredible wallet as we can. There are some already existing wallets for android and iOS that you can currently already download on your mobile device. We will also be trying to contact these as we understand that some people like having all their money on one app so they can quickly look at how much all their coin are worth and if they would like to buy/sell anything. These apps aren’t made by us so any problems with them wouldn’t be our fault. If you do unfortunately get some problems while using any third-party wallet tell us as quick as you can so we can warn the community of possible dangers.

When can you expect Project Globalize to be finished? Well while Project Globalize isn’t that hard to implement it requires a lot of testing as nobody wants to lose any SHIELD because of bad programming aka bugs. It also will be optimized a ton so that you don’t have to wait for ages when wanting to quickly check your coin before going to sleep or while working as we understand that that would suck. So you can expect it to be released before Q1. It could be released somewhere in the beginning of Q1 or maybe at the end, we don’t know it yet but it’ll be done before the end of Q1.

How does Project Globalize fit in with our other projects? Well the project before this will bring wallets to desktop for everyone. At least we will try to. Project Globalize will close the need for storage for SHIELD and will hopefully be one of the last projects where we don’t greatly improve on the blockchain. In Project Au Courant we’ll be revamping ourselves and making a better website and better logos, project Globalize will get an early taste of that. In the case of any need for new wallets or need for improvements of old ones we will come back to them if so desired by the community.

More Medium posts will be coming out shortly explaining our different Projects.

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