Project Initiate.

SHIELD is a project about creating a cryptocurrency that will change the future and raise the bar for other coins. If you want to know more about the project we’ll be talking about it more in the future and you can also always check out the ANN or the about page of our website. We will also be releasing a whitepaper in the future where we will not only talk about the coin in its current state but also go over some future stuff we’ll be releasing.

Project Initiate is about letting people know we exist, and also try to explain to people why we started this project, what it will improve on and how we will be trying to make the coin itself better in the future. In this phase we’ll be just releasing a few basic things, like a basic Linux wallet and a Windows wallet(This will probably be an Electrum wallet as we like those more and like working with them more as well.) We’ll also be creating the genesis block, which will start the blockchain and release both an ANN and some reddit post about the project. We hope to get a small community going so we can talk about future improvements, ways they like the coin at this very moment and stuff we need to fix right away. Over the next few months we will be releasing a lot of updates and will be improving the coin as much as we possibly can. With this will come regular updates. Feedback is always appreciated! We hope that in this phase, which will be gone before we know it, the project can create a name for itself and we can get the ball rolling. Will you join us?

More Medium posts will be coming out shortly explaining our different Projects.

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