Project integrate

Everyone should be able to use SHIELD. I know I’ve already said that… more than once. But I think it’s important to note that we really do think this. For the same reason that we are going to create wallets that are usable for almost every OS we also wanted to get on exchanges as soon as possible. We did get some comments on this from people saying that this wasn’t a great idea as the price will be very low. Although we did now this would happen we think that it’s important that every miner that doesn’t like our coin should be able to opt out. And we also think it’s important that people who cannot mine should also be able to join the community. But what has this got to do with project integrate?

What is project integrate.

Project integrate is SHIELD trying to bring a “tipping” system to almost every social media website and maybe even a few text messengers. I think people now will start to understand how this links back to accessibility. Being able to pay anyone on any platform is a huge plus for a currency. If you owe someone some money you can give him SHIELD without any problems via his or your platform of choice. We think this is an important feature and that’s why we’ll try as best as we can to bring this to as many platforms as we can.

How will it work?

It’s not that hard really, Well for the (web)apps that support it we will make a bot or plugin that will allow you to have a wallet on the app where your wallet and account are linked. Examples of these kinds of apps are: Discord and Telegram, although more will most likely be made As for the web-apps that don’t support plugins we will make Javascript service worker and Browser plugins which will allow the same functionality but without the need for you to ask an address and/or send it manually. Example: Twitter. Then there is a third category: Native apps. These apps don’t support plugins nor do they support service workers. For some apps like WhatsApp we will be able to make an exclusive bot, using third-party API’s. This however is harder to implement, manage and maintain. That said we can say that we are looking at WhatsApp in particular and think it can be done without too much hassle.

Why the long wait?

Well we’ll have to do a lot of testing as we want it all to work. This also isn’t really a big and important project but more of a nice thing to have(what else is a coin good for?) for a coin. And as this also requires a ton of work that we need to spread about multiple projects we think that we’ll get it finished somewhere in Q1 of 2018.

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