Project Perdu

We ourselves set a value on our identities and don’t like that there are companies that know potentially almost everything about you. We also think that, if there is a penalty of any kind for using privacy functions, which we will try to minimize if not nullify, you should be able to not use the privacy functions without compromising the privacy of others.

So what is project Perdu?

Project Perdu is the project that will make SHIELD a lot more private. Don’t take us wrong, SHIELD is already more private than some other coins but it could be better. Projects Perdu will solves that. Project Perdu is a privacy enhancement to the blockchain.

How will it work?

Well, first of all. We are not sure yet what we’re going to implement but we’ll at least have a system that is based on the DASH master node system. We don’t know yet if we’ll be able to get this done on time but we think we have enough time to get a better feeling for how much time it’ll take. If you know about DASH you know that they teamed up with Coinfirm, making DASH not private anymore. SHIELD wouldn’t ever go this way as we are for privacy and like mentioned before don’t like that there would be companies who could know all about your buy history. Next to the DASH master node system we are also looking at some different ways to make the chain private but we’re still looking and thinking about different systems.

Why will it take this time?

It doesn’t sounds that hard but we are of course going to make it fool proof. We want it to be easy, so that everybody can use it, and we want it to actually work. When working on such a hard and big projects you often forget to check for new security holes and even big teams end up creating worse security holes than there first were. This is why we are going to take our time, testing and trying to break what we have made. Yeah it would be fun to have a half working project in 4 months, but having a fully working project is much more important. And as we’ll also try to combine projects with each other there will have to be a lot of testing and thinking.

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