Overcoming obstacles in life as a composer

Time can kick you in the teeth when you have put energy hard work and passion, furthermore one day you want to submit work, furthermore suddenly you have rejection. Tough times happen in life; however, we get more vital as entrepreneurs while we continuously deal with rejection.

I will not stop until I succeed because I suppose that you will find ways to achieve what you want when you want something desirable enough. Some people I look up to are Dwayne The Rock Johnson.
His work ethic inspires me to mature as an entrepreneur also to be the greatest that I can be.

Negative influences will only make you feel like rubbish; they poison the mind. When you love something you get up in the morning, you naturally get to work and become productive.
Music is very opinionated because there is more than one answer to the same questions, even in theory.

One easiest part is writing the music and publishing to Spotify or wherever you fancy having your music distributed. The struggle is marketing your work and sharing it on social media plus gaining real followers who engage with original content.

Networking either cold calling might help build a robust online presence; this is very important as it can help in the short term; still, you must be respectful to the prospect and cold call on business days Monday-Friday between 9 am-5 pm.

Cold emailing can help because it is great to have specific work into written communication. I have found when i am emailing prospects, overseas one cold email is better, don’t cold call overseas, it is weird and people think wear are you calling from.