David Sammon : 7 Mistakes That Can Kill Your Social Media Campaign

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When you are promoting your online business, you have to make full use of social press. It can turn your content into viral content material making it increasingly more appealing and increasing value of your business. At the same time, the social press tools can be used to increase sales by branding business. However, in order to take full advantage of social press, the marketers should never make the following mistakes. These mistakes can actually kill a successful campaign.

Lack of consistency:

If you are marketing your website using social press, you have to make your presence felt. If you are inconsistent with the marketing, you will never be able to achieve this end. In order to market with consistency, you need a program where you have to assign yourself daily and weekly jobs. You should total these jobs no matter what the output is.

Focus on TALKING and not LISTENING:

If you are only talking and not listening, then you are making a mistake that can kill your sociable media campaign. Remember, social media isn’t just about getting your term out there. It is more about interacting. You have to listen to others and have to respond to that. This will give you an opportunity to be heard.

Not giving something to the community:

Remember, you have to give something to the community. It can be simple value of your content being shared. If you are not offering any value to the community, you will not be heard.


Groups are critical. In order to reach more people, you have to join groups. If you are not joining groups, then you may not reach like-minded people. This can work against you, as you will not be able to achieve viral effect for your content.


If you are not paying attention to the events happening on social media, the events will give you all the necessary dose of socializing. It will work as catalyst and you will soon reach the masses. If you are ignoring events, do not continue that practice as it can kill your campaign.

Not creating value by your activity:

If your activities do not have enough value, then you might suffer from this. Your interpersonal media campaign can get affected adversely due to lack of value in your activity.

Joining everything:

Remember, the rule is to join only what you can handle. In case you have time to work on three websites and you have joined ten websites, you will not be able to give proper attention and time to anyone of those. You should choose carefully and should only select the number of websites that you can easily manage. You should be able to do activity that can create a buzz in interpersonal media even if you are marketing on one social media website.