Our new mascot — Jinx

Jinx is a mature Maine Coone cat but is still not fully grown in his behaviour. He was born with 9 lives and at the moment he filled his lives with 6 different jobs: sleeping, eating, scratching his nails, hunting for mice, annoying the neighbours and being petted (preferably behind his ears and under his chin). Besides these jobs Jinx is a bit bored, since he still didn’t find any jobs for his other 3 lives. So he came to us and asked us if he could do something for us. Of course we first advised him to sign up for Shift-it and look for a job in the platform. Next to that we offered him (which turned out to be) his dream job: becoming our mascot! Since June he is officially employed by Shift-it as our full time mascot. Unfortunately he is so busy doing other things, like sleeping and eating, that we decided to digitalize him so we could duplicate him as many times as we wanted and take him everywhere we are going.

We easily digitized him by following this recipe: add our logo twice; add two ears and a nose; and *bam*, you have a cat mascot! Jinx was really happy with the result, as you can see in the image, where they met for the first time. He didn’t only like the design of the new mascot but he likes the fact that he could still work as our mascot without physically going anywhere. Even better: he could still perform his job while sleeping.

As you might have noticed, Jinx likes to do everything as efficient as possible. That’s why he likes using Shift-it so much: he can just login to www.shiftit.me and have a look if there are any proposals that fit his needs. When he finds one, he doesn’t have to search for his CV, check whether it is up-to-date, write complicated emails and try not to make any mistakes during the whole process. This leaves time for him doing things that are really important like eating his favorite fish.

If you’d like to say hi to Jinx you are always welcome to pay him a visit. Be aware that he is not always around, lately he likes to spend some time in his second house in eastern Germany. Don’t bring any cheap cat food as a gift, since he only eats fish caught in the frozen lakes of Alaska.


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