An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

Kid, at 29 years old I was making $18 an hour working in retail in one of the highest cost-of-living areas in the United States (DC Metro), living in the the second highest income per capita county in the entire country. I still managed to make rent, pay my bills, and even have a little extra. Virginia’s income tax rate is a little lower than California’s (5.75% compared to 6%), but I just pulled a paystub from early 2015 and did the math. My post-tax income was still a little over $13 an hour on a paycheck for 81.36 hours of work.

If your gross income is really $733.24 every two weeks for a solid 80 hours of work (40 hours per week), you’re only making $19,064.24 per year, or about $9.16 an hour (assuming no overtime). It’s time to find a better job that may not be as trendy but will certainly pay more. Hell, you could work in retail and make more money than that - Apple and Microsoft both pay even their lowest retail employees somewhere between $12 and $14 an hour depending on the cost-of-living. The SF Bay area is on the high end, so you could easily be making nearly twice what you’re making now doing pretty damn easy work.

You sound incredibly entitled. Even if you didn’t lose your job over this “open letter”, it was like the last straw for someone who had made a habit of complaining constantly about everything at work. There’s a really easy solution when you hate where you work - leave. If you can’t leave, suck it up and deal with it. That’s life in the big city.

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