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A few years ago, I wrote about my experience transitioning from Deloitte Consulting to Product Management. Since then, I’ve spoken to over 50 current and former consultants from many different firms (MBBs, Big 4, Tech, Boutiques) and levels (Partners, Consultants, Analysts, Interns).

Below is a summary of the common questions I get asked about transitioning from consulting to product management.

No (and yes). My previous engineering manager at Microsoft would say that being too technical or too much of an engineer hinders the ability of a product manager. You end up thinking too much like an engineer and it creates…

And What You Can Do To Make It Work

We've heard how People Analytics (or Workforce Analytics or HR Analytics) can fundamentally change your business. All the countless solutions, sales pitches, magic bullets that will make your employees happier, more engaged, stay longer, [insert common HR problem] sounds great … on paper.

But most of these solutions don’t provide transformative value to organizations. For every Google / Laslo Block / Work Rules! (where People Analytics IS transformative) there are hundreds of CHROs scratching their heads on why People Analytics don’t drive meaningful results.

The first problem is that People Analytics is all about tracking human interaction and behavior. And…

My SPG ambassador called me the other day and said we should start seeing other people

It’s hard going from the penthouse to the outhouse (just ask Kayne). Like, what do you mean “Boarding Group 3” and where the hell is my snack box! Okay okay, so I am being a whiny status bitch. But I’ve had a year to wind down my schedule and reflect on what has been a liberating experience.

I’ve realized over the years that maintaining status is the worst kind of non-zero sum game. In fact, Fast Company wrote a great article last year, referencing a study titled “A darker side of hypermobility”. What really struck a chord (outside of the…

Trading in Suits and Ties for Hoodies and White Vans

It began when I left my position at DC (that’s Deloitte Consulting) to join a Seattle based startup. I wasn’t a career consultant, I had worked at startups in the past. But my experience centered around helping others use data to discover insights.

Fast forward to today. We were acquired by Microsoft as part of Office 365. After a few months, I joined the product team to help build and launch a new product in organizational and people analytics (check us out here).

Below are my observations to date from both perspectives. For those thinking of making the consulting to…

Jeffrey Shih

Lead Product Manager, AI @ Unity Technologies | Former Microsoft | Former Deloitte Consultant | Former Longhorn |

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