Galway City, a large, urban center of tourism. (London)Derry, a small, urban memorization of trauma. Inishmore, a commercialized land full of beauty and history. These are three very different places, but they are all a part of Ireland. They’re all a part of this beautiful country. During the day, the locals clean up their act, and obey the unspoken law of etiquette.

In Galway, you walk to Eyre (pronounced like “air”) Square, where a line of eight taxis wait to deliver you to whatever destination you desire. Double decker tour buses zoom past, advertising the beach or the Aran Sweater…

Let me invite you, wherever you may be, to imagine your house. Imagine it as though you were a bird, and see your house from above. Perhaps there is a large backyard, with a pool glittering in the sun? Or adobe walls, illuminated by moonlight. Surely, it’s cozy. A comfortable 2,600 square feet or so? It’s certainly nice….

Now, picture your house again, but this time, picture it 590 times.

A little bit harder, isn’t it? Such is the vast, breathtaking beauty of Powerscourt, County Wicklow, Ireland. Ranked as the world’s 3rd most beautiful garden, this grand estate stands as…


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