Which version of the DT’s did you end up buying? The 32 Ohm version?
Alex Rowe

Yes Alex, the 32 Ohm one, but sadly, it is nowhere close to the volume that I would like to have. I mean how does it help in Critical Listening when you CANNOT crank up the volume !?! It was so low that I could hear even the flickering of the light switches in my room with the Beyer’s on !

That too i know that it sounds brilliant when i try it on my office PC (the Beyer’s tore up my ear at 70% volume !), and I am not having a laptop (whcih sounded enough !) right now. Broke my old one. With the S8, well, the volume sucks. Trust me.

Will the FiiO A1 do good enough to give me the same level of volume as a Laptop ?! Cz the stock AKG in ears give me a hell of a lot more sound than the Beyer’s. And the A1 (E6, i.e.) is pretty cheap here. Its a shame that I gotta spend more on an Amp and am not even sure if it will be good enough. I think i’ll need a new laptop !

P.S. Do you think other more expensive headphones will have the same problem ? What if they are of lower Impedance, say 16 Ohm ? Will they still need a portable Dac/Amp when connecting with my S8 ?!

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