What is a musk perfume and where can you buy one?

For centuries, humans have been enamoured by the allure of musk fragrances. Musk is a common ingredient in most fragrances, in fact. It brings an earthy and sensual feel to fragrances, while also keeping the different essences of a perfume tied together. It is also a great ingredient to ensure that a fragrance lasts longer when applied.

Initially, the process involved hunting musk-producing deer, for the strong-smelling substance that the glands of the male deer produced. This gland is about the size of a ping-pong ball, and is removed from the deer once the deer is killed. The gland is then dried to product what looks like a musk seed or pod. At this stage, the pod is powdered and tends to smell a little like animal waste. However, when the powder is mixed with alcohol, it tends to give out the musky fragrance we’re all familiar with. We now have methods that do not pose any threat to animals that help with the creation of musk perfumes.

Extracting musk from plants has become easier and it smells similar to the extract from animals. However, the synthetic musk fragrances are a cleaner smell since the essence of animal waste is no longer a part of the fragrance. There are many varieties of musk fragrances, depending on the composition. White musk is also lighter in colour than black musk. This is due to the flowers they’re extracted from. The fragrances also differ based on the extracts — white musk tends to bring a lighter and cleaner scent than the black musk extracts.

Not only is The Body Shop’s musk series free of animal testing and extracts, it is also 100% vegan! Vegan beauty products are perfect when you think of how it looks, smells and feels like the original, but it is safe for animals. The Body Shop is also the perfect place to buy some of the best musk perfumes in India.

The line of musk fragrances offered vary from spicy, sweet, and an essence of mystery that lies just beneath the first note. For the perfect dark allure, black musk perfumes are perfect. Musk is said to induce a sensual reaction in humans as well as other animals. However, it is also said that women are about 1000 times more sensitive to the smell of musk fragrances than men. The scent of musk perfumes brings something very raw and animal with it. It makes the user feel like they’re truly a part of the earth. The earthy quality of the fragrance is also something that connects the user with nature itself.

You don’t have to wait very long to get your own bottle of musk fragrance. Through The Body Shop website, you can get your own musk perfume online. Dab some on your wrists, behind your ears and in the hollow of your neck for maximum effect. Using fragrances on pulse points on the body makes them last longer. And after all, who wouldn’t want to maximize the benefits of a fragrance that rests on attraction and mystery?