After going off to college, the feeling of homesickness becomes more and more frequent in a student’s life. UCLA took a survey that reported that 69% of first year college students have the overwhelming feeling of homesickness. Homesickness is known as, “the feeling of being sad or depressed from a longing for home or family while away from them for a long time.” Although so many kids are reported to have homesickness, some people think going off to college doesn’t have the effect of homesickness that so many kids are reported to have after leaving home. To others, college consists of only freedom, stress, partying and fun. They forget the possibility of the longing to go home.

Going off to college is the perfect example of homesickness getting pushed aside by others. Having homesickness is common and students have to go long periods of time missing their loved ones, homes and not seeing them until a holiday, break or long weekend. Those who suffer from the condition are known to feel some type of anxiety, unhappiness and agitation, and most importantly, the constant thought of being home. According to Derrick Ho, because homesickness is so frequent, the anxiety and level of distress among some students can become overly extreme. As you start your new life in a new setting, homesickness makes it hard for people to eat, sleep or have conversation and interact with others. We get homesick because there are things that we love and miss. It’s the outcome of our attachments strength. If we weren’t attached to anything, then we wouldn’t miss them when we are away. As routines are replaced with great, unfamiliar social and academic pressures, and a new dormitory full of strangers, the longing ache for the familiar friends and your mother’s cooking you never appreciated, sets in.

I picked homesickness because people push it aside like it isn’t a big deal when really it has a big impact on some student’s lives. In this essay, I hope to show that homesickness is a big part of college and can bet set into ones live by many factors we face in our college experience, not just the fact that we miss our family and friends. As I begin my journey giving a new perspective on college lives, I hope to go out and take pictures of students behind the scenes, feeling homesickness in their natural environment. In my pictures, I hope to use lighting and colors to give off certain feels like sadness, dullness and even happiness. I will also incorporate angles to give off certain effects that can help the reader get a certain understanding of what the photo is portraying like the feeling of uneasiness or balance. The photo essay will be a mixture of people, signs and words, not sticking to just very basic, homologous photographs.

Home is where the heart is. The low angle and distance portrays the mightiness of the home and the colors show a soft, warm feeling letting people feel the happiness of being home after a long time away. This overall shot takes the viewers on a journey to go home with the help of the line of sight, guiding them through the sidewalk.
Traditon is like security. The traditional food symbolizes the feeling of longing something you wish you could have as if you were home. I took this picture with soft lighting, like in the previous picture, to give off a happy, satisfying feeling and a high angle to show how we used to take granted of traditional food, but as time goes by we crave it.
The best feeling is coming home to happy parents. The frontal pespective and figures used to create this photo show the contentment and balance a student feels when coming home.
It is always sad when you have to leave your home. In the picture the texture shows the uneasiness of leaving home and the dark lighting represents the sadness and hurt felt when leaving. I took this interaction shot to focus on the idea of leaving home and your parents behind. When a student leaves home, nothing is clear to them after, just like the blurriness of the photo is depicting.
Students keep pictures and memories around their dorm to make them feel more at home. The shadow of the picture emphasizes emotions, and enhances the photo creating surreal feelings of heartache. The composition guides the viewers eye from one picture to another forcing them to feel the despair the student feels seeing a constant reminder of what they miss.
Starting college used to be thought as so exciting, but coming back to campus just reminds you of the feeling of homesickness. This picture was taken with a far angle to show detachment. The bland, plain colors and composition guides the viewer to having a feeling of loneliness.
Being away from home, you wake up to find yourself in a completely different setting than what you’re used to. The bed symbolizes what you go home to every day. The messiness creates tension making the viewer feel the uneasiness and the oblique angle shows the disparity of being in a new setting.
The amount of school work a college student has to put up with can be very overwhelming. This picture of work symbolizes what can really trigger your feeling of homesickness. The messy placement of the objects shows being unstable.

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