Most of us might have watched ‘Social Dilemma’ on Netflix. While it is all about how social media platforms are manipulative overall, this article is all about marketing and how marketers are always blamed for getting into the brains of probable customers to study their buying behavior.

It is not possible for brands to generalize or completely manipulate buying behaviors because of the fact that 99% behavior is driven by non-conscious. Marketers are still trying to understand the complex human brain and what lies deep inside. All consumers cannot be the same and so there cannot be one strategy to shape behaviors. Social media advertising does play a role in shaping purchase behavior however, the human brain is very complex.

Many studies claim that consumers might start to believe the knowledge about their brain violates their privacy. They might feel manipulated towards something they don’t consciously support. Consumers perceive the use of neuromarketing as less ethical if a company uses it for purely profit-driven motives. While marketers should respect privacy, consumers should identify the thin line of difference between attraction and distraction. Consumers should understand that the solution is not running away from these social media platforms or switching to a technology-free life.

Social media tracking the behavior of consumers not always harmful. Sometimes it helps in developing path-breaking innovations for satisfying the needs of consumers or solving problems. Neuromarketing is a continuously growing field due to the complexity of human brains. Marketers are expected to show responsible behavior and leverage the data in the best possible way instead of exploiting people’s choices.

The simple solution here is rather than shunning away social media platforms let us all become responsible users. Privacy breach is one thing to be concerned about definitely and hopeful there too we might find some solutions.

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