Independence Day 2

(Originally published- 29/08/13)
This is the sequel to my previous piece on Independence, for the film with the same name, don’t worry you will find nothing!

India is different, very different from any nation. It is not a single entity; it was made up of more than 500 kingdoms!

The nation which we know today came under the influence of a single rule just on four previous instances, as far as my knowledge goes (not far). Once during Ashok (whose capital was Patna and who came on morning walks to a field now which is my college), once during the Gupta age (the capital was Patna again, but the Guptas were seemingly not that health conscious), during Akbar and lately under the British. The thing is, if I was present in 1947, I would have laughed off the thought of uniting such diversity into one, looks impractical to me still!

But again, everything happens for some good (ref: Noble like a parrot story) and there is a cause behind everything that happens (ref: The Big Bang Theory).So, India was born, a healthy 543 constituencies heavy.

But we still want freedom. For us, freedom means not being in anybody’s control, free.

But when it comes to unemployment, food, housing and all such issues which are moving in your head now, yeah your IIT dream too(some 2 percent people, ignore this);

We blame the government, which can choose to ignore our pleas.

Did it click? (If it didn’t, click this).

Yes think again, we want freedom, OK; we want to be free like a parrot, OK; but we don’t want to accept our problems, we don’t think they belong to us. Plainly, we don’t like to be free to accept our problems.


In fact, democracy I believe is still a baby. People have been used to go to their respective Maharajas/Nizaams/Whatevers with fariyads…we have not lost that habit, because it’s hard. We want to be free like a parrot, because it’s easy.

P.S. — There was a recent incident in Bihar were people crossed a rail line while the train approached. A staggering 37 free Indians were killed as a result. And an even more staggering number of free Indians demanded compensation for the mistake that they made, from our staggeringly meritorious netas and babus:

Who, to my disbelief provided the money.Staggering isn’t it?

It’s the august month of freedom so,

Happy Independence Day!

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