Independence day

(Originally published on 28/08/13)
This article is about the Indian one..for the movie with the same name, refer wikipedia or whatever.

This Independence Day was almost no different from the past ones.I slept late on 14th, with a calm only a holiday next day can give you! On 15th we woke up to “Happy Independence Day!!” messages on facebook and newspapers (are SMSes obsolete O.o ?) and “Are we really free” articles on facebook and newspapers (well you can’t anyway use SMS here).

With the first part I am okay with, but the second part invokes in me the following methods(for JAVA people)/ functions (for C people)/ feelings (for people) towards those -

  1. “Why the heck you think your article will help?”
  2. “Don’t you think you had something better to do?”
  3. “Don’t you think my time is priceless enough, not to read your criticism?

In my view, if you think India is “Django”, ie chained, don’t tell us why.Tell us if you have a feasible (read feasible) solution, or if you have a part in the solution.

If you don’t have a solution, sorry I don’t like incomplete, tragedious stories which use words like pathetic, disastrous and bleak.And if you are a part of the solution,go on, share how!!

Freedom lies in our minds, our thoughts, our surroundings, you just need to sense it!!

At last I would quote those lines of “Saumya Shikhar”

“Never code in life,

If you have to do, do programming !”

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