Into the multiverse- With Saumya Shikhar

Originally published- 31/08/13

The multiverse theory is interesting.

A multiverse is the plural of a universe. The theory says, that whenever a decision is made in our world (any small or big decision), the future universe is split in to ’n’ number of universes, if n is the number of results the decision can give.

Figure this, on one fine day you go to a grocery store thinking of buying toothpaste. Now you have two choices,

A) Either you choose a ‘sasta’ wala

B) Or you choose Dabur Lal Vajradanti (or was it Colgate)

So you make two copies of yourself, one in universe A, another in universe B. The parent of both these universes is now in the past. In universe A, you are compelled to go to the dentist as a result of the choice you made in the past;

In B, you are sleeping comfortably during that time. And again you make numerous decisions in both universes which lead to infinite number of universes in turn. Fascinating huh?

The theory is supported by many scientists, but as proofs are hard to find, its not universally accepted.

But it is so magnetic that in the back of your mind you like to believe in it.

The LargeHardronCollider in CERN recently discovered the Higgs-Boson, which is the particle to provide mass to everything.I don’t know how, but this discovery is leading close to people believing in the Multiverse or Many Worlds Theory.

The belief in this theory would lead to a drastic realization that we probably don’t know the universe fully or we might be non-capable of doing it ever! One reason of me liking it is the hope that it gives. The hope that probably whatever I don’t understand at school is actually wrong, that’s why I’m not getting it. And if one basic law comes out to be wrong, several theories based on it may flop.

This has happened in the recent past, when the so called impeccable Newtonian laws of physics were wronged at the micro-level.This happened at that time in the early 1900s when the world was waiting for the discovery of the proton.It was believed that all of the physics would be known to mankind in 6 months.

The LHC is the biggest thing in science now, and the laws of physics may just be ready for another revamp.Are you ready?

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