The Android Studio shortcuts which could boost your productivity upto 100%

So let me be very straight to the point. You didn’t end up here just to read my life story. Let’s get started.

There are several shortcuts which i came across, when i stepped inn, in the corporate world. These shortcuts are divided into groups as per my personal application.

1. Search Shortcuts

Don’t remember where you used particular word? Use this search related shortcuts to find your way.

i) Ctrl + Shift + F : Using this combo, a search window opens up where you can search a word or class or any object. AS will look up into whole project for your queried word.

Find in Path Window

ii) Shift + Shift : Tired of using the left sided navigation panel? Well you can go to the desired file directly from this window which opens up with double Shift press. Just type the initial or whole name of your desired file and AS will list it down in the window. You can also open specific settings window from this shortcut.

Search Everywhere!

2. Navigation Shortcuts

i) Ctrl + Click : Navigate to a layout file or a java file by directly clicking on it while holding Ctrl key.

Ctrl + Click

ii) Alt + up/down : Navigate between class heading and its child method headings via this combination at ease.

Alt+ Up/Down

ii) Alt + right/left : Use left/ right arrow keys with alt to navigate through open project files like layout file or a class file.


3. Live Templates :

i) Toast + Tab: Typing “Toast” and then Tab generates the whole Toast boilerplate for you.


There are bunch of predefined templates which can work for you on the go,

i) loge + Tab

ii)logd + Tab

iii)logr + Tab

and many more. The beauty of this feature is, you can add your own live template in the settings! Just use the double shift shortcut and go in the Live Template section where you can add your own template.

And the most important and a lifesaver one is ,

Ctrl + D which automatically duplicates the whole line where the cursor is currently pointing.

That’s all for now guys.


Want your code to be properly formatted? just use Ctrl + Shift + L and your currently selected files’s code will be formatted properly.

PS : More shortcuts will be added as the time goes on. Let me know the usefulness of these. And claps are the best way of expressing gratitude