Google Chrome

It is preferred to use Google Chrome than Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer as it allows you to use Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Keep, Gmail etc. as offline apps on your desktop.

1. Use Favicons Only In Bookmark Bar

  1. Toggle the Bookmark bar with Ctrl+Shift+B
  2. Add URL to bookmarks by pressing on the star in the URL bar or pressing Ctrl+D
  3. Right-click on the bookmark in the bookmark bar, click ‘Edit’, delete the ‘Name’ and press ‘Save’

2. Download Chrome Extensions

  1. uBlock Origin — Ad-Blocker —
  2. HTTPS Everywhere — To default website to HTTPS if available to make connection more secure —
  3. The Great Suspender — Suspend inactive tabs to save memory —
  4. Save To Pocket — Save articles to read offline (Requires you to install mobile app as well) —
  5. Save To Google Drive — Save webpages or images to Google Drive —
  6. RescueTime — Track time spent on websites —
  7. Reddit Enhancement Suite — Make browsing Reddit better —
  8. Imagus — Open full images by hovering on thumbnail -
  9. HackerVision — Invert colours for better nighttime viewing —
  10. Save to Google Keep —
  11. Google Keep — Make Google Keep available offline —
  12. Google Docs — Make Google Docs available offline —
  13. AutoText Expander — Create trigger shortcuts to auto expand into full texts —
  14. WikiWand — A Better Wikipedia —
  15. Tab For A Cause — See ads on your New Tab Page and donate the revenue to Charity —

3. Create Website-specific Search Prompts

  • im — IMDB
  • i — Google Images
  • w — wikipedia
  • d — Google Drive
  • in — Gmail
  • gr — GoodReads
  • yt — YouTube
  • c — Google Calendar — Add events to your Google Calendar

4. Other Tips

  1. Delete a URL/Search suggestion on Chrome with Shift+Delete
  2. Use Chrome extension Hola to bypass geographic restrictions
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