Even today…Even today…Even today…

It’s been 4 years…that I held you for the first time in my arms…and you were staring back at me with those tiny little eyes full of wonder as if where have you arrived…

Even today when I close my eyes..I can see that little pink face of yours full of questions..

Even today I wonder what was your tiny little brain thinking just within few minutes of your birth..

Even today I wonder the way those tiny little hands of yours held me as if you already knew me..

Even today I wonder the way that little heart of yours was beating at such a high speed that I could hear it clearly..

Even today I wonder if I have been enough to take care of you alone my doll..

Even today I wonder how you managed to become a 4 year old princess of mine..

Even today..

I love you my princess..thank you for making me a mother…❤❤❤

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