Three Treats for the Sugar Addict in You

If all foodies throughout the world agree on one point it is that the entire food experience is incomplete and soul-less without the presence of magnificent dessert(s) at the end of the meal.

The final winding off of a magnificent meal demands to be finished with an equally tasty dessert. It is almost a ritualistic practice for all foodies.
Various cuisine-specific outlets like the Mexican restaurants in Chennai have now begun to incorporate a specially designed menu for desserts. The reason for this transformation is obvious, the exceptional love that people harbour for it. Despite the fact that various cuisines differ from each other in drastic manner, what unites them all is the presence of the maddening variety of desserts. The most delectable treats that this particular place offers for the sugar addicts are:
Molten chocolate cake

The name is enough to make you want to crave for it right now. Molten chocolate cake is the most revered dessert, that is almost as much loved as mouth-watering authentic Mexican cuisine. It is the most recommended dish by the regulars to anybody who visits this outlet. This particular dessert is essentially warm chocolate cake paired with chocolate fudge filling and served with ice-cream. If there is one sweet treat created in the entire world which will actually satiate your soul, it is this molten chocolate cake.

Eggless brownie sundae

A delight for all vegetarians out there, this eggless brownie sundae will tantalize your taste buds with its richness and warmth. Heavenly in its presentation and divine in its taste, this dessert is the perfect partner for any food that you order.

Chocolate chip paradise pie

A dessert that has the word paradise mentioned in its name is enough to tempt any mere mortal soul. Made with chewy bar of chocolate chips and hazelnuts, this dessert, also served with ice-cream, will keep you returning to the outlet again and again. High in sugar content, it is like the apple from Eden for all dessert enthusiasts out there.

You can satiate all your sugar cravings with these irresistible desserts now at Chili’s India and go crazy with their scrumptious treats loaded with sugar.

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