Select the right AC for your home this summer

Air Conditioners are a heck for majority of people in our country when it comes to electricity bills. The moment they add an air conditioner in their household, the electricity bills tend to increase significantly. we have to always remember that we have to reduce always electricity bill however if an air conditioner is install, but how is it possible for that so we have to choose the right technology, doing the right installation, maintenance, operation and by doing the right insulation of the room where the air conditioner is used.

If you are worried about high electricity bills caused by air conditioners then buying energy efficient air conditioner might prove a savior to you.

A regular air conditioner:

If we talk about regular air conditioner, the compressor is either on or off. When it is on, it works at full capacity and consumes full electricity. When the thermostat senses that the temperature has increased, the compressor starts again and it is that time when an AC uses more power and significantly increases your electricity bill.

Compared to the normal non-inverter AC, the technologically evolved inverter air conditioners provide a host of unique and priceless benefits for today’s consumer.

Keeping the issue in mind, latest technologies have been introduced in air conditioners which are designed to consume less energy and provide healthcare benefits too. The heat load in a room does not remain constant and it varies depending on various aspects, like — seasons, number of people, varies between day and night, on climaticconditions of your location.

Inverter Air Conditioner is the key & it actually works

Inverter (AC), a device in the air conditioner, controls frequency of power supplied to compressor motor. Compressor motor controls the rotational speed of the compressor and the compressor ensures refrigerant flow is proportionate with the cooling requirement of the room. In non-inverter air conditioners have fixed compressor that can’t decrease or increase their temperature and speed.

To add to your overall experience, inverter ACs also provides faster cooling. No wonder, even they costs higher than any non-inverter AC, but the excess cost is recovered in less than 2 years due to substantial power savings.

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