Or, we could just not act like jerks.
Gayle Laakmann McDowell

I nominate #stoptrashingtalia.

Gayle, I wanted to say thank you for writing what you did. I literally just joined Medium specifically to post something about the excessive amount of Haterade being consumed at Talia’s expense. Not that that’s new to the Internet, as you well point out. It’s so easy to be a fire-and-forget absolutist from the ease of one’s keyboard. We denounce trolls as the lowest form of life on the digital planet, but we aren’t so great at recognizing when we’re acting as if *we* just crawled out from under a bridge… and then had the additional pride to affix our John Hancock to having blasted another human being for simply being human.

It seems that in the swale of inevitable me-too-ness, we tend to forget that we are committing the exact same supposed hubris as our former Yelper: talking about that sometimes four-letter word Life as if we have the perspective to judge how poorly someone else is handling it. And how that just makes us so crazy, because we know How It Is, when they so obviously don’t. And even though they didn’t ask for our opinion on the matter, and may well not want it at all, we’re going to give it to them (on several levels), and spray-paint it all across the inter-ether. (I’m trying not to laugh at myself while typing this, since of course that’s exactly what I’m doing. One woman’s art being another’s vandalism….)

Interestingly, Life seems to notice what we don’t notice about ourselves, and if we’re lucky, clocks us upside the head with it before we do ourselves irreparable damage. But we do love our high horses, though you think eventually we’d learn to stay off them — or at least long enough to let our bones knit.

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