I have never actually written down anything on Medium apart from comments on posts. Mostly because I don’t get the whole reposting from my actual blog thing. The other reason is because I just think Medium, to me, is a reading platform. I just love reading stuff up in here. Until recently.

I opened my Medium the other day to find one name left, right and centre. Without mentioning the actual name, I wondered why her articles were so popular when they looked so unoriginal. I left the tab to come back to it today. I decided to click and at least read one piece. Either I am just attention deficient or plain weird but I did not get why those articles are so popular. Same old things everybody keeps saying and writing.

I just don’t get it. I think it is the same way with the Twitter of today. Someone will tweet one thing and another “bigger” Twitter user will copy paste his way into wild popularity. The world is just unfair, I guess.

Medium has always appealed to me as this super cool minimalist place to find awesome content. For the longest time I wanted by blog to look like it. Plus I love Ev. Let’s just say I think I am a tad disappointed.

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say.