Can I get over?

I ask this question to myself everyday and night. How do I get over you?

The one I have loved so so deeply. The one who made me feel life is going to be an adventure and comforting at the same time. The one finally with whom I thought I could share everything, coming all out off my shell. The one who is random yet loving, crazy yet sensible, delusional yet responsible, far away yet close to heart. The one who made me believe I am the only one for him and he for me.

Then the heart thinks what if I can't get over at all. What if this is how I am going to feel each day of my life. Miserable, Clueless, Wondering. Tears hasn't stopped since that day and now I don't know who I am anymore.

But then heartbreak makes you realise a lot of other things - you can survive. You aren’t alone in this and this isn’t the end. Shed all the tears today knowing that the past can’t be the future, and future doesn’t look like you had imagined. Let go.

Deep in the dark night with cloud of thoughts surrounding and tears flowing, the heart still aches - Why?

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