Self recrimination can be the worst thing to do to yourself

Someone sent me an old pic of myself yesterday. Looking at it, I think I look so good. So why did I spend all my twenties and thirties thinking I was fat, ugly and not good-looking enough? I think we aren’t always taught to feel good about ourselves… we are told we too fat, too loud, too many drawbacks holding us back, not intelligent enough or not kind enough… Now that I am 42, a mother of four and really struggling to lose weight and gain back my self-confidence, I am weeping thinking about my 36-year old self who was always worried that she wasn’t good enough.

I promise I won’t make that mistake with my daughters. I will bring them up to be bold, beautiful and confident in their own selves and not allow the world to dictate to them about what they should feel, look or be like.

Saturday 1 Oct 16.01 pm.

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