Powerful testament to a good man.
Myles Robinson

You’re right, Myles. I feel women — myself included — sometimes underestimate the power of their words on the men in their lives. It’s something my husband has brought up before and something I need to be better at. It’s not about “stroking his ego” but about recognizing and honoring real manhood and placing value on the things that matter: the qualities that they pass on to their kids and the actions that build a child’s character. Some women think it’s cute or just normal girl talk to badmouth their partners in front of their kids without recognizing how this damages how their kids see their father and how their partners feel about themselves. As partners, we should be building each other up and speaking strength into each other’s lives, especially as parents. Parenting is tough!

Thanks for the reminder. I just thanked my husband, who just put our daughter to sleep.