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Why we should teach girls handy skills

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4 min readJun 1, 2019


I have ninety whole minutes shop class under my belt. After the hour-and-a-half long block, I marched down the hall and announced to the principal that shop class was not my forte. I opted to take an additional history course instead, firmly placing myself on the path to a three year high school career.

The men in my life spent little time teaching me valuable life skills. Nor do I blame them. I wasn’t overtly interested, and anything outside of a book took me ages to pick up. I was a late bloomer as a driver, having a permit for two full years, only becoming licensed two months before my high school graduation. I was useless with repairs. I understood the science behind screws, thanks to physics class, but knew nothing of screwdrivers and drills themselves.

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Within the first month of college, my Honda Civic alerted me that the air in one of my tires was low. This sent me into a panic. I was terrified to even drive my car. I ended up relying on a friend’s boyfriend to help me put air in the tires and sooth my worries. I was a completely helpless intellectual lump in a world built upon manual labor and mechanical knowledge.

I was a completely helpless intellectual lump in a world built upon manual labor and mechanical knowledge.

One day in college, thoughts of my mother inspired me to stop being helpless. During my early years, she was a widow running a construction company. Her petite figure was a force of nature. She managed a crew of men and ran our household. She built me a wooden swing set and gifted others numerous homemade benches. She wielded a drill and drove a pickup truck. If my mother could figure it all out, I certainly could, too.

It’s been a slow process, but I have enthusiastically taken up learning real-world skills. One of my first leaps was making functional, plug-in lamps from decorative liquor bottles. My then-boyfriend was thrilled with my skills.

I am proud to say now that I change my own air filters and washer fluid in my car. I know how to look at mechanic forums and troubleshoot problems. I built the majority of my chicken run by myself, with my oldest child…



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