Health Benefits Of Dates

Dates have travelled a long way in time, right from being a traditional part of cultures around the world, to a modern super food promoted today by 21st century dieticians. The uses of dates are many and consuming dates assist in health-goals like losing weight and lowering bad cholesterol. In addition, the anti-allergenic, anti-anemic and hangover preventive properties of the date fruit are some of its less talked about benefits.

The traditional date palm (phoenix dactylifera) is thought to be one of the first plants to be domesticated around 3000 BC. It is believed that our ancestors made dates an important part of their culture because they were aware of the innumerable health benefits of dates. Scientists today have corroborated these beliefs, and there is a huge demand for dates all over the world — not only for the culinary uses of dates,but also for its medicinal properties.

Coming to the 21st century, the super food craze has led to the trend of ancient food items being reinvented and their medicinal properties being rediscovered.

Listed below are some important health benefits of dates:

Organic sulfur: According to modern medical theory, dates are antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, control fever and boost the body’s immunity. Dates contain organic sulfur — a rare element to be found in food, which comes with a number of health benefits, including reduction of allergic reactions. Dates improve blood circulation by increasing the volume of blood flow while decreasing inflammatory reactions that adversely affect the capillaries. Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis (SAR) affects around 23 million people in the United States alone — A daily dose of dates can keep ailments like these at bay.

Prevents abdominal cancer and cellular damage: The American Cancer Society recommends the consumption of 20–35 grams of dietary fiber per day and dates are known to contain high amounts of dietary fiber. Eating dates, they claim, can even be helpful in preventing abdominal cancer. Dates also contain high levels of antioxidants, which prevent cellular damage. Therefore, preventing cancer is one of the crucial health benefits of dates.

Boosts immunity: Dates contain a high level of potassium, which prevents high blood pressure and boosts the immune system. While they are not a stand-alone cure, making dates a part of your daily diet is a simple preventive measure. Promoting a strong immune is one of the important uses of dates.

Rich in minerals: Dates have high concentration of minerals that come with myriad health benefits. The substantial iron content in dates makes them beneficial for those suffering from anemia. Eating dates also helps increase energy while diminishing lethargy and exhaustion.

Natural laxative: Eating a few dates in the morning with a glass of warm water or milk works as a tasty laxative, besides keeping your red blood cell count at a normal level.

Anti-hangover: One of the lesser-known uses of dates is as a cure for hangovers. To get quick relief from overindulgence in alcohol and its side effects, it is necessary to replace the body’s lost electrolytes (sodium, potassium, chloride). High-fructose fruits like dates speed up alcohol metabolism. For maximum benefit, crush and soak them overnight.

Helpful for expectant mothers: Several studies show that eating dates in recommended quantities brings about more comfortable labour and childbirth.

Good to start the day, helps prevent overeating: In many communities, dates are an integral component of culture. During Ramzan, many Muslims break their fast by eating dates and drinking water. Rich in both sugar and fiber, dates can be digested easily, and since they promote a feeling of fullness, eating dates prevents you from overeating.

You can eat dates as they are, like a healthy snack. You can bake them into cakes and bread. An easy way of ensuring a healthy intake of dates every day is to have a glass of milk with chopped and pitted dates, or you could even make them into a bar with oats and nuts to make a perfect on-the-go energy bar. The health benefits of dates are endless.