Why Me?


I am shy, I am quiet,

You are not,

Then why me?

I don’t talk, I don’t respond,

You do a lot,

Then why me?

I never experienced love, I was not heart-broken,

You were, you faced betrayal,

Then why again? And Why me?

You’re curious, yet I never saw you talking to girls,

You remained quite reserved,

But you talked to me. Why only me?


Your quietness is winsome,

Your shyness is cute,

Thus You.

I talk, you listen intently,

Your smile responds more than words,

Thus You.

Seeing you made me believe in love,

Your eyes reflect honesty and trust,

Thus again and thus You.

I felt for you that I never felt for anyone else,

Yes I talked to you,

Because my heart chose you. Only you.

-Shilpa Goel