ROS Pylauncher

A better way to launch the ROS Nodes!

Launch Files

5 instances of a node broadcasting individual transform

Method1: XML Files

Manual Method

$ roslaunch pylauncher manual.launch
Manual Launch

Dynamic Method

<arg     name="num"    default="1"/>
<group   ns="$(eval 'node' + str(arg('num')))">
<node name="turtle" pkg="pylauncher" type="" output="screen"/>
<include    file="$(find pylauncher)/launch/dynamic.launch"    if="$(eval arg('num') - 1 > 0)">
<arg name="num" value="$(eval arg('num')-1)"/>
The command to launch this launch file
$ roslaunch pylauncher dynamic.launch num:=5
Dynamic launch


Method 2: ROSLaunch API

$ python 5
Nodes launched using ROS API
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