Data Vs Instinct

“I believe in intuitions and inspirations…I sometimes FEEL that I am right. I do not KNOW that I am.” — Albert Einstein

In our world today, where most or all decisions are data driven, I chose to believe in gut feeling.

I believe it has a significant place in my decision making process. Sometimes data is the way to go, sometimes it’s your gut. Both combined together can be oh so strong a force.

Now don’t get me wrong, data has always been fascinating to me but as I reflect back on some important and not so important decisions I have made, each time I tend to rely heavily on my “gut”. In my earlier work years I wouldn’t pay much attention to it and then when I decided to take the entrepreneurial plunge, I definitely beat myself over why I didn’t listen to myself. Over the years, I have learnt to not ignore that tiny voice that sometimes becomes not so tiny in my head.

Often times it’s an experience or two is all it needs to establish one of your life’s principles and “trusting my instincts” is definitely mine.

I’ve read many books that tried to explain how gut feeling works from a scientific viewpoint. There are many explanations, but no one can still put a finger on it.

Our gut decisions are highly personal. They are the sum of our intuitions, instincts and our lives experiences. Knowing that this also includes our emotional & cultural biases is important, because our gut feeling isn’t always right.

I have for the last year been working at YouNoodle ( a data driven company focussed on startup engagement in the global ecosystem. At YouNoodle, with a diverse team, we have become a repository for data from our startups, who participate in various competitions/challenges to get connected with the best opportunities. We have data from our 15000+ judges who evaluate these startups on our platform. And yet on most days I find myself making decisions based on my gut feeling.

Data & instinct can be such a game changer.

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