An Eulogy for Bhai Dooj

That festival morning turned ugly with one message, which turned everything upside down. Sandy moved out of this world. At such an young age of 30, he did not deserve such an early end. His family did not deserve this loss. Tears rolled down my eyes uncontrollably. The childhood flashed infront of my eyes. I just could not believe what my eyes had just read.

Moving from one place to another, shifting to a different school was a norm in our family back in 1980’s and 90’s. During one such move, our family decided to finally settle in one community for an extended period of time. This is where I met a girl, whom I thought will remain the BFF. Her brother was a funny, charming little fellow. We clicked off immediately.

Our childhood was fun. Playing together, the cycle rides to school, the gossips, the responsibility of taking care of someone younger to you (at school), and all that included. Although we were not neighbors, Sandy, was my little brother from another mother. Or so is what I felt. I remember those days when we had played near his house chasing one another. I remember those small fights with him. I remember how he used to tease me for my stupidity. I remember my friend being worried about him being safe. I remember how deeply his parents loved him.

I bolted to my friend’s house. With some people already there, were helping the family. He was in that ice box lying as if asleep. I was shocked and was not ready to accept it. His young wife was sitting transfixed. As soon as our eyes met, we hugged and cried our hearts. I am someone who can’t cry in such scenarios, but Sandy was a brother. His little son was playing ignorant of the fact. It killed me deep inside. I could not handle the fact, how would the family? I ran up to see his mother, who was so distraught with the loss. Nothing would, could console this heart of the mother.

But he stands true to the T that he was an amazing person. Someone who had the courage to take on this world. Bear the weight of many responsibilities. A young man with principles, idealogies and care. A man who loved his family so deeply and cared for them. He perfomed all his duties for his family with utmost care, love and affection. His emotions might have not reflected on his face, but his actions does speak volumes. I just hope my friend and her family finds all the strength to live on while Sandy will be deeply missed by all of us.