Dance — Dreams, Passion and more!

All of us would love to dance. All of us have a move specific to us. Dance is acquired for some and some are born like a flexible bubblegum. They could do any move and it just fits them right. They might feel it is easy, yet it is tough for them. But what of the acquired taste to learn a dance form? How do they do it? Is it easy or do they just get lucky?

Nearly all my life I have craved to learn a dance form and have ended up just shaking my legs and arms to my will and wish inside my bedroom. All my dreams felt fulfilled towards dance when my darling niece became a learned dancer.

My niece, Anusha, started learning Bharatanatyam at a very tender age of 4. Her tiny legs struggled to understand why she had to squat the way they had to. She wondered if there was any respite from this sheer boredom of learning something she could not connect to. At that age all she wanted was to play, spend time with her mom and dad. Being a shy, yet intelligent, she started out to learn the dance because her mom wanted her to.

Over the years, eventually she fell in love with this art. She gave many stage performances at various occasions. What did this do to her. It fed her confidence. It made her a person with integrity and dignity. At a very young age, she was able to achieve more with academics, and other co-curricular streams. A naive girl turned out to be a champ with sheer dedication. What we felt as a torture that her mom did, turned out to be a dream come true to her. The enormous contribution the parents have made to support her is commendable. So how did she thank them for all this. She did the best she could every single time in every single event of life. She gave an arangetram performance, a solo dance performance given amidst a huge gathering for 2–3 hours. It takes that much time most often, with the costume changes, etc. This was a brilliant moment in her life and for all of us too. We saw the proud parents marvelling at their daughter’s accomplishment. I, was super proud, and am glad to have been a part of her life.

However, some kids get groomed to take enormous pressure. Some are not designed for it. Each kid learns the way they want to. Am glad my niece turned out cool and is pursuing her next passion in life. She is the first doctor in the family. Am a super proud aunt of hers (it is ok to brag sometimes).

What am I trying to infer here? Give your best to your kids, encourage them to do the best, but not expect them to win. Do your bit and wait it out. For the universe conspires to make things happen what you have started.

Psst… Let your child hone their passion. Channelise and support as a parent. Everything else the universe will take care.