The Rajni Fever Is Here

Winter this year has brought in a treat for us. The ultimate, most awaited movie of the year, 2.0, is finally here. The Super Star Rajni starrer has a lot to offer for its fans and viewers. It is a big budget movie which had already made 440 crores with its theatrical rights pre sales. Theatres are flooded with fans and movie goers. We are hoping to watch it this weekend though. So what makes a Rajni movie sought after than any other star?

Well, for starters, he is a super star. His screen presence is brilliant. This actor cannot bore you and can keep you glued to the screen. He has evolved over years as an amazing performer and a humble human. Many consider him their god. Pray! Why! Our cousin is a diehard fan and has already watched the movie twice so far and the count increases as I type this.

My first movie with Rajni as a star was a Tamil movie called Pathinaaru Vayadinile. He plays a crook roll and it is not easy to like him. Yet, his acting skills charms the audience. The next one that stayed with me and made me his fan was Thalapathi. That intense acting, the rawness in emotions, the vulnerable charm, the dialogue delivery that is so relatable, all these impressed me even when I was a child. His comedy timings and respect for other actors on screen shows on screen. Am glad to have seen his movies, if not all most of them for sure.

Rajni is a pure director’s actor. It is amazing that his directors have been able to use his potential to its fullest. His simple mannerisms, punch dialogues always get the roaring appreciations from the audiences. The audience are a mixed crowd from small kids to ripened old nanogenarian from across the globe. Yet, he impresses everyone every single time. There is a song in one of his Tamil movies, “Super star yaaru nu ketta, chinna kozhundaiyum sollu.” Which means even a small kid knows who the super start is. And it is true to the T because every kid and every person definitely gets entertained watching his movie. Nobody falls asleep during his movie.

Today, the 2.0 released. And the energy is electric across the country. It stars Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson alongside. Music by ARR, directed by Shankar. They claim this movie was entirely shot using 3D technology and this is one of a kind for India. While I pin my hopes to find it to be good, definitely am not going to compare it with any other movies from the same genre. Besides everything, please watch the movie in a theatre, sit through till the credits get over, that is when you will have watched a movie, paid your respects to each and every single member responsible for making the movie happen.