Who am I ? (Part-1)

I was born in Balurghat (5th May 1993, West Bengal); as my dad was working in HAL at Koraput (small township in Orissa) my childhood was spent in Orissa. Both dad and mom have roots in Bengal, but due to Dad’s work we stayed back in Orissa.

As I was the only child, I was pampered to the utmost level. This may sound paradise, but had some inherent disadvantages:

I was not let free. They always cared for me & made sure I didn’t get into any trouble. They did my most of the works, like tying shoe laces, which was easily done by children of my age. To sum it up, I didn’t have to do things, experiment with them; fail at them & to learn from those things.

To understand me & my life, I have to mention the seven important phases of my life.

Phase 1: Nursery to Class 9

Orissa’s weather never suited me. We were living in a high altitude area where oxygen was at a slightly low level than normal. I used to fall sick frequently [cold & then uneasiness of breathing]; as a result I was very infrequent at school.

Most of the days, I couldn’t understand lesson taught in the school as the theories had some linkage with the lessons taught during my days of absence. I was shy of asking doubts, as I knew it was my fault to remain absent.

Teachers at school were not very friendly. They believed in only the “stick” part of “carrot & stick” theory, literally. They believed that punishment would make everything alright & disciplined. We were beaten right from “not having correct posture at assembly line” to not have done homework. Parents knew about it, they complained, but the authorities didn’t changed. This school was the only English medium school in the locality which was run & funded by HAL.

The school produced many brilliant IITians & IIMians, but had a negative impact on me.

The school was established to serve the purpose of spreading knowledge & nurturing the young minds, but in converse they have instilled fear (fear of physical punishment) in my mind. I hated going to school because I feared punishment. What if I couldn't answer a question? , or What if my Class work copy is not up to date?

Despite all of this I was a good student. However, good is a subjective term. I used to score in 85–90 range, which was by far less in terms of what other may perceive as good. My dad was very happy with that. He didn't want 99. He said, “Son, you got this mark by your own merit. You didn't mugged the answers. This is your own marks. You wrote, what you understood”.

As I was very infrequent in the class, I had hard times comprehending what was taught let alone the quizzes, debates & other extra-curricular parts. I joined local coaching which were very few in numbers over there. I couldn't last there too as a physical punishment was an open practice to make a student understand things & score high marks. As a result, my basic understanding of all the subjects were not strong & up to the mark, but sill continued to score within 85–90 range.