Dance with Heart

In today’s era everyone wants to be a good dancer but when we first introduce ourself with a dance teacher and when he teach us step for dance style then at once we thought that we should leave. But here I want to tell you all if want to be fit than let’s dance regular specially in the morning because many people does not like exrecise and walk but if you all will move your legs with a song you will also feel greatful with in you.

You know if we dance with our heart then our step will follows us but if we dance with mind than we have to follow our step and at that time we make confused ourself because of many different step of dance.

At my home I dance regular specially in morning and evening because I want myself feel good. Every person has his or her choice but dance is an art which we can not ignore. When you will dance alone I am telling you , you csn not explain the happiness whatever you feel.

So don not follow your mind in dance , follow your heart ,automatically your leg will follow you.