Diamond Jewellery Care Tips: The Appropriate Do’s and Dont’s

That exotic looking box in which your engagement ring came is only useful for displaying something grandeur. However, if you consider that box would be suffice to contain your diamond safe and sound thereafter, then you’re wrong.

I know you love your ring and you wear it often. And I do understand the consequential maintenance issues that every diamond enthusiast goes through eventually. After all, it’s a diamond ring. One must respect it, else it won’t hold that shine that you actually fell in love with, forever. 
 And now let me tell you the purpose of this blog. Further ahead, I would document some rock solid Do’s and Dont’s of diamond jewellery care. Whether it’s a ring or a necklace or earrings for that matter, anything with diamond in it can be maintained well following the do’s and don’ts mentioned up next.
Follow them as told and I guarantee you that the shine of your 
diamond jewellery designs will last forever. It might be the hardest element on this planet, but it surely asks for timely maintenance.
The Do’s of Diamond Care
clean your diamonds on a regular basis. When the facets get covered with dust, grime and dirt, the diamond would start losing its shine. The layer of slime and gunk makes it difficult for the light to refract well. 
To avoid this, all you need to do is clean the stone on a regular basis. Simplest way to do the same would be to soak the diamond in a beaker full of a warm soap water and gently brush the dirt off using a baby soft bristle brush. 15 minutes of soaking time will work wonders for you. I believe if you make this a weekly practice, it would be quite beneficial for you and your diamond would shine, forever.
Do get your ring repolished on a timely basis. It is a good decision to take your jewellery to the jeweller for a random checkup so as to learn of their current condition better. Experts in diamonds from the jewellery shop will assist you in guiding you with the process of repolish.
 In most cases of engagement rings with diamonds, the body of the ring is made up of either any shade of gold or platinum. Since these metals have a tendency to offer a sturdy, classy lustrous backdrop, they often complement a fancy diamond pretty well.
Even these metals wither away if not taken care of properly. 
So it is surely wise to get your jewels repolished.
Do secure your diamonds once in a while. Since you go through a lot of movement and action throughout the day, your diamond’s setting may or may not get affected by your daily routine. I hope you’re getting what I am trying to say.
So keep a check on your diamond jewelry. Observe the settings if its a ring. Give a quick check to the prongs just to ensure it is intact. You don’t want your diamond to fall off the jewellery due to bad settings hence you must be sure of how well is the jewellery sustaining the diamonds after regular usage. If required go to the jewellery doctor to get a quick checkup done. Expert suggest is always better than blunders.

The Don’ts:
Don’t be afraid to flaunt your diamond jewels in public. It makes you appear like a radiant goddess, the world deserves the sight. That box in which your ring comes, should not become a coffin for your diamond. Your diamond doesn’t want to rest in peace. It wants to shine, in public and startle the world with its magnificence. So be it.
Contain it at the end of the day, when it’s time for you to relax and go into the dream state. It can do with a little sleep and cleaning at the end of the day too!

Don’t bathe or swim or do household chores with the diamond jewellery on. It’s a great way to maximize the shiny appearance of diamond jewellery.
 Swimming pools contain chlorine rich water which acts a bleach (in general). Any kind of jewellery, whether made up of precious metals or gemstones or both, has a tendency to undergo some kind of chemical reaction with the chlorine in the water. This may further cause substantial damage. Just know one thing, water can destroy the lustre of precious metals. Avoid contact all the time.
Don’t use corrosive chemicals or materials while wearing diamond rings. Be careful when applying lotions of all kinds. If you avoid such things, you will be able to keep your diamond safe from greasy substances.

Don’t play sports while wearing designer diamond jewellery. It’s a legit suggestion. Do you really want karma to hit you so bad that even after winning that soccer match with your buddies, you end up losing a precious diamond? Not a fair deal, I’d say.
Be careful while you handle your diamonds, would ya?

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