Amplify your Digital Narrative!

Better, smarter and faster technology has amplified the way we live, socialize, work and even innovate today. This is now seen in everything from remote assistance in cellphones to copy checking software that can differentiate between original and plagiarised writing. Thus, it is no surprised that even in terms of media, reportage of digital marketing news is on the rise. For someone who writes the news or looks for it in the industry, here is how to ace it!

Use Social Media to your Advantage

It is understood that nearly all kind of digital marketing to consumers has some kind of component that actively exists on social media. So it is important to keep a track of social media accounts and profiles to see any info or update that can verify your rumour or alleged scoop. This can be very helpful particularly if the story is something that one would like to keep under wraps, such as a celebrated art director’s exit from his former firm or a campaign by a brand that goes viral overnight. Moreover, for most personnel, anything posted online is considered their official word, something that increases the need to keep your eye out for trends changing anytime soon!

Use Sites to Sniff a Trail

The smartest people in reporting and content know that the best ideas can often stem from something completely unrelated, something that regular brainstorming creatives can master. Embark on this by using stories on other sites to get a hold of what trends, what doesn’t and what is sought after. This may help you find that ground-breaking story faster than you know.

A Friend in Need…

When all else fails, have trust that the rate of growth in digital advertising in India will yield you enough people to rely on for some story-saving bits of information. Having a good network of connections, who know the variables and motives behind every move in the industry, can vastly help improve the value of your article’s claims.

So amplify, digitise and churn out something insightful and wise!