Analyzing Jalyukt Shivar yojana scheme

Water is one of the most important resources needed for the existence of living beings. Water is vital for economic and agricultural development. In Maharashtra state, nearly 82% area of the state falls in Rain-fed sector and 50% area is drought prone, uncertain, insufficient and…


China is a sovereign state with the highest population in the world. The nation has the largest economy by some measurements and the fourth-largest territory. Geographically also China is secured. It is only the nation’s coasts which is open to any sort of threat but the increasing growth and maintenance…


Theories of International Relation are a set of ideas which explains the working of the International system. These ideas are backed by evidence. Realism, Liberalism, and Constructivism are an important set of theories of International Relations.

According to realism, the state works only to increase its power. The state only…

Critical analysis of e-governance in India

E-governance is the method of carrying out the functions and achieving the results of governance through Information and Communications Technology (ICT). “E” in the e-government means electronic or digital. In this century where almost everything has been made electronic like e-commerce, e-service, e-learning, etc…

Shilpi Sinha Ray

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