Why deadlines become nightmares.

It gives me great joy to see creative people in creative professions. They are doing what they love and enjoying every bit of it. Be it a writer, a designer, a musician or any other such profession, creativity thrives under intelligent constraints. It is always safe to embrace the constraints and work towards the end results instead of focusing on bits and pieces that need to be perfected. Perfection is a personal choice.

As an observer of human traits, I have often noticed these professionals to be too engrossed with the small details instead of the holistic experience or end results when working on a new project. They obviously have deadlines. And within the mindset of keeping in line with the deadlines and focusing on the project completion as per client requirements, the creative zing takes a backseat. And when a person who is fueled by creativity is egged on by deadlines, the outcome is disastrous.

The trick is to stay lean and work clean. Keep everything editable. Have room for constant iterations. Creativity is very fond of collaboration so do not shy away from sharing your thoughts with your peers. Collect ideas and insights and shape it into usable forms. Be open to innovation. When we are already focused on the end results through a holistic view, deadlines hardly mean anything.